1. Full control and feedback of the machine
  2. Data is stored in a robust SQL database
    1. Full reporting – Product Sales, Sales by Time, Sales Summary, etc.
    2. Cash/credit/invoice sales
    3. Fault reporting
    4. Machine settings can be modified from the website
    5. Set pricing from the website
    6. Route scheduling software
    7. Pick lists (list for driver to restock the unit)
  3. Real time data reporting – each transaction reported individually
  4. Onboard credit card support
    1. List/Cash pricing
    2. Integrated reader support
    3. Backend routing to multiple payment gateways
  5. Native Ethernet support takes advantage of low cost infrastructure communication.
  6. Fault Reporting at the board level
    1. Temperature Monitoring and alerts
    2. Drop sensor monitoring
    3. Motor failures
    4. Coin Mech/Bill Validator