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What is the price of EatWave?
Prices vary based on quantity and configuration; please contact us for specific pricing

Are there any volume discounts?
Volume discounts are available – the discount amount varies with quantity ordered and time between reorders

Does VENDture offer leasing options?
We work with Falcon Leasing and Firestone Financial and refer buyers who want leasing options to those independent leasing companies.


What is the cost of shipping a machine?
The shipping cost depends on the destination
The buyer pays the shipping cost (for a more accurate shipping quote, please call a sales representative and provide your zip code)

How long does it take to receive a machine?
Approximately 4 weeks


What types of locations are suitable for placing an EatWave machine?

  • Hotels/Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Factories/Distribution Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Colleges
  • Airports
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Casinos
  • Car Dealers
  • Military Bases
  • Government Facilities

Can VENDture help secure locations to place a machine?
Yes, we can help secure locations

Is EatWave compatible with school POS systems?
Yes, EatWave is compatible with many school POS systems

Can EatWave accommodate reimbursable meal programs?
Yes, the machine can vend combination meals, or multiple items in 1 transaction

Can EatWave vend personal care items (like toothbrushes and shampoo) at hotels and motels?
Yes, the machine can vend personal care items


What types of food items can be vended via EatWave?

  • Hot Food – hamburgers; pizza; burritos; hot dogs; sandwiches
  • Snacks – all snacks that can be vended via a traditional vending machine – candy, chips, etc
  • Beverages – all beverages that can be vended via a traditional vending machine – soda, water, etc

Can the machine vend healthy items?
Yes, it can vend a variety of healthy items, such as wraps, whole grain sandwiches, healthy burritos, juices, baked chips, fruit cups

Where can food be obtained to be placed in the machine?
In the US, food can be obtained from vending distributors like Vistar as well as from places like Sam’s Club and Costco.

Can food prepared on site (for example, in a cafeteria) be vended from the machine?
Yes, on site prepared food can be placed in special packaging and vended via EatWave

How do the prices of hot food compare to traditional vending items like beverages and snacks?
Hot food vends for significantly higher prices than beverages and snacks

Are there any other vending machines that can heat hot food items as well as vend beverages and snacks?
We are not aware of any other vending machines that can heat hot food as well as beverages and snacks as EatWave can.  EatWave is patented.


  • Storage – items are stored in spiral slots in the refrigerated section in the upper half of the machine
  • Selection – after a consumer makes a selection, the selected item moves via gravity from the storage area through a trap door into the cooking unit
  • Cooking
    • Hot Food – the item is heated for the programmed time (typically 30 to 70 seconds)
    • Beverages and snacks – the cook time is set to 0 and the items pass through the cooking unit without being heated
  • Dispensing – the item moves from the cooking unit through a trap door to dispensing to the consumer via gravity


What type of device is used to heat the hot food items?
EatWave uses an enhanced, patented commercial grade microwave to heat the hot food items quickly and evenly.

How does EatWave heat items?
The cook time is set for each item by setting a time for each slot.  For hot items, the cook time is 30 to 70 seconds.  For snacks and beverages, the cook time is 0; the items pass through the cooking unit without being heated.

At what temperatures are items stored in the machine?
Items can be stored at temperatures that range from 34 to 44 degrees F.  The recommended temperature is 34 degrees F.

If the location where I want to place a machine does not have direct Internet access, are there other options?
The machine can be connected to the Internet via an Ethernet connection or via a cellular card with a router

What options to pay do consumers have?
Consumers can pay with cash or credit cards


In what machine slots can hot or cold items be placed?
A hot item or item that does not require heating can be placed in any slot in the machine.  Hot (to be heated) and cold (traditional snack items) can be placed in adjacent slots.  Beverages must be placed in the bottom 2 trays (levels) of the machine. (we suggest this because it is safer to drop glass bottles from the bottom two trays than the top trays)

What are the electrical requirements for EatWave?
EatWave requires 110 volts and 15 amps

Can EatWave be placed outside?
Yes, we offer an outdoor, weatherizing kit that can be retrofitted onto the machine to allow for placing a machine outside.

What warranties come with the machine?
For parts, there is a 2 year warranty

Is the machine DEX capable?

In what colors can I obtain an EatWave?
EatWave comes standard in black or red and can be vinyl wrapped in any color requested

Are there signs available?
Please call a sales representative for sign options.


Is it easy to service the machine?
EatWave uses a standard vending machine and requires the same servicing as traditional vending machines.

Does VENDture provide service?
Yes, we can provide referrals to local operators/servicers who are familiar with servicing EatWave.  We provide a toll free service number

Is a service manual available?
A service manual is available – via the company website and by mail

Do you provide training?
Yes, we can provide onsite training for a fee, or we can send training videos at no cost

Do you provide machine installation?
Yes, we can install machines for a fee

Can the machine fit through a standard doorway to be installed?
Yes, the machine is designed to fit through a standard commercial door way.


Is the enhanced, commercial grade microwave inside the machine?
Yes, the microwave is inside the machine.  This avoids safety, sanitation and vandalism issues that come with having a cold food machine and a separate, external microwave

Is EatWave ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant?
Yes, the machine complies with ADA, which became effective March 15, 2012


Is it possible to become a distributor of EatWave?
Yes, distributorships are available.  The specific arrangements depend on the region.


Where can I see a machine?
Depending on your location, you can see a machine at the company’s showroom, see a machine that is in operation at a publicly accessible location, or you can view a video that shows the machine’s operation

What can be done with the video monitor/LCD screen?
The video monitor can run advertisements, provide product information or provide nutritional information