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Vending Redefined

EatWave is a patent pending, fully automated refrigerated vending machine with an internal microwave cooking unit capable of quickly (in about a minute or less) heating and vending a variety of pre-packaged food items, as well as can vend a variety of cold food, snack, and drink items ALL from the same machine.

A Complete Meal

Hot food (cooked to order), cold food, snacks, and drinks ALL from the same machine

Saves Space and Energy

Replaces multiple machines and is energy efficient.

Simple, Patent Pending Design

Few moving parts on standard vending chassis

State of the Art Technology

Precision Cooking Technology™ with VENDCheck™ remote monitoring system.

Standard Food & Drink Items

Available at major food retailers. Pre-packaged items eliminates the need for food handling license.

Complies with Federal law

ADA Compliant

The smart choice for all your vending needs.

Not your typical vending machine.

“All-in-One” Design

Replace multiple vending machines and vend all types of items, including hot food (cooked to order), cold food, snacks, drinks, and other items ALL from the same machine (no special food or packaging required).

Creative Innovation

Simple, but elegant! Our patent pending design uses gravity and few moving parts to deliver advanced vending technology that complies with new Federal law.

Advanced Reliability

Remotely monitor the machine from anywhere, maximize up-time, and minimize maintenance with our simple, effective, and efficient design.

Precision Cooking Technology™

Our internal patent pending microwave cooking system is designed to thoroughly cook a hot food item in about a minute or less more precisely than a standard off-the-shelf microwave oven, and without the worry an external microwave creates.

How EatWave Works


Providing quick and convenient meals wherever people work, live or play.
Schools and Colleges
Office Buildings and Factories
Hotels and Motels
Government and Military Buildings

Easy to use and customize.

Item Capacity

  • Up to 6 customizable trays
  • Up to 60 item selections
  • Maximum capacity of 1020 individual items


  • Super 1/3 HP, R134a Closed Sys.


  • 1000 Watts
  • 2.45GHz/60Hz
  • 15 ampres at load



  • 1025 lbs. (464.93 kg)
  • 73” H x 41.5” W x 39” D
  • Domestic: 115 VAC/60Hz
    International: 230 VAC/50Hz

Standard Options

  • Styling Bezel
  • VENDCheck™ Controller
  • LED Lighting
  • iVend® Sensor System
  • Can & Bottle Trays
  • Heated Glass

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